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Jess So Real, biologically known as Jessica Ingram, was born and raised in Chicago for most of her life. 

Her revolution has spread out from living in the projects, to being taken away into foster care, enduring the mental institution, prison, street life in the trenches, to making it out to graduate from one of the top art schools in Chicago, Columbia College, to breaking free from the spiritual abuse operating in Christianity. 


All of this would teach her how to depend fully on the holy ghost for total supernatural healing in her soul and body and understand that the Lord is the shepherd of her soul. This also taught her how to reconnect and re-relate back to broken souls in the trenches, how to fully walk in the power of the holy ghost, and in her real calling Christ and not man has chosen for her. Embodying being called and chosen mainly to evangelize to where she comes from, all the sufferings shes made it out of, to thoses in the trenches, broken & lost sheep and through the creative arts and femininesoulcare. 


Full of joy because she has regained her love and relatability back to her people in the trenches-the lost children of israel. Now that the power of the holy ghost has made her soul and body free supernaturally follow Jess So Real as she walks in the power of the holy ghost, putting her confidence only in him, the greatest artist, the soul regenerator. She's empowered to see how he, the Spirit of truth, is sending his remnant out in these end times

going out into the ends of the earth, to spread the Gospel and to demonstrate what Christ supernatural power can fully do,

demonstrating his true ministry without any help from a system like he came and was the system and didn't conform to any political, religious, or medical system—she to not conforming like him to any system but instead though being like the Apostle Paul becoming all things so she can win some, and just like  Christ coming to bring the real anointing that lifts burdens and that destroys yokes, restoring supernatural wholeness, hope and faith, to the lost children of Israel in poverty, in the trenches and broken/lost sheep-all around the world.  Doing all of this as we wait to Jesus Christ return.

That said, stay connected to Jess So Real by subscribing to her channel. 

  • Jess So Real: The Poetic Rim

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